Concrete Driveways, Pathways & Slabs FAQs

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Q: Do you remove the old concrete, dirt grass, soil etc?

A: Yes we do all the removal of old concrete, excavation etc. then place in road base, steel reinforcement, form design, and make sure levels are correct, then ready for concrete.

Q: How many guys do you have on your team Charlie? And are they all professional?

A: The guys on my concrete driveway team are all highly skilled concrete professionals. we are a small family business and I do most of the work.from removal of old concrete to laying new concrete. we are fully licensed and I have been doing all types of concrete works for over 28 years now. and they have to be friendly to be able to work for me. I make sure my team understand that a concrete driveway is for life and has to be done right the first time – every time.

Q: Will there be a mess while the work is in progress Charlie?

A: Kind of. For a few days while we’re working on your concrete project there will be normal concrete materials like timber and buckets and the like on site but we make sure that each day we leave the site as clean as possible. At the end of the job you’ll be amazed at how clean we leave your home!

Q: When can I drive on the concrete?

A: You can drive over the concrete in summer 2 weeks and winter 3 weeks for light vehicles and heavy vehicles such as big trucks add an extra week on top.

Q: When can we walk on the concrete?

A: Once its finished, you can walk on the concrete after 24 hours in summer and after 48hours in winter.

Q: What does full colour concrete mean?

A: Full colour concrete means the whole depths or thickness coloured through the concrete, which means oxide is not sprayed on. It comes ready mixed with the colour that you chose from the concrete plant. The advantage of this is that it never fades.

Q: How long does it take to get my driveway done?

A: Usually 3-4 days.

Q: What part of Sydney do you cover?

A: We cover 90% of Sydney.

Q: Do concrete driveways just look “grey” Charlie – or can I have my driveway look the way I want?

A: Concrete driveways and pathways are available in a wider variety of choices. In fact there are over 35 different colours and patterns to choose from! Check out the photos on this website to get a feel for the variations and gorgeous look and feel that we can achieve with concrete for your Sydney home, and I always have a few brochures with me for you to look at.

With happy customers all over Sydney there’s a finished concrete job near you that we can arrange for you to view.

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